Mira in the 70s Articles

  1. Verbal rape
  2. Wife is not for beating….nor is she a slave
  3. Women Chipkos hug a tree
  4. Films, Violence and Women
  5. Jailed for demanding Dowry
  6. Who Needs Men??
  7. Women- Worst Victims of Famine
  8. Husbands unite-to enslave wives
  9. Abortion:  Legal But Lethal
  10. Hostel girls-used & abused
  11. Kicks for Safety
  12. Stirrings against Oppression
  13. Lacunane in Rape Law
  14. Suicide and in jail- Who is Guilty?
  15. Campaign against Rape
  16. Oh! The Himalayas
  17. 35 and Free
  18. Cabaret Girls
  19. Chor Bazaar
  20. The first I think youth festival….Malavali
  21. Coming back to India from USA 1970 or so…
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