Paris sex shop melanes family

In Paris went into a sex shop…. it was big over 500 sq ft and filled with dildos, of all materials, all sizes, all kinds of vibrators, sex dolls…. lots of pornographic vcds with viewing rooms

from there to a great breakfast in a little café on the way

we take a train to melanes mothers village , an hour train ride from Paris. A cute little village, no one on the streets, and houses on large pieces of land, flowers and gardens all over. It is all relaxed and am amazed that she lives alone in this big house and garden.

From there we go to melanes fathers house who has a huge house, a huge dog… and a huge kitchen and all gather around and cook and have wine with much laughter and talk and music as they prepare dinner together

and we drive about 6 hours to kempar, which is in Brittany… where melanes aunt lives. The aunt has been to India when she was in her twenties…. and she is full of fun laughter music informalness… play basketball

we go to the beach which has the most amazing golden light

the sun set is after ten… 20170713_213216


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