berkeley sanfransisco train to denver

networks. friends of friends. Meet Raj, a friends friend and we drive to beckys in sanfransisco … we go to berkely and to the exhibition celebrating the summer of Love 1967. This was the time that i was at reed, and I remember coming to sanfransisco for a demonstration. Was it this one? is ithere that Iheard Joan Baez sing? Was it here that Pink Floyd were playing on a truck as we sang and marched against the war in Vietnam?

st beckys I get an electrolysis done…and she has this amazing collection of toys which she uses in sand and play therapy

at sanfransisco we go through fishermans warf, up to cobb tower and its see all over , and then to the crookedest street in the world… it really zigs and zags every tenty feet… and there are tons of tourists walking downa20170804_180927
sanfransisco … at athenas ishwars place, and we go to pioneer garden where there are food trucks galore… and then to meet other cousins…arjun and rupa…she asks me “so what is your trip telling you?…and i begin to wonder.
the next day, pat mcmahon, a reedi friend from 1969 comes and we go to the station to catch the train…35 hours to denver. Becky has packed a magnificent lunch and snacks.

train passes through mountain ranges… it is amgnificent… the camera just cannot catch the beauty of these mountains….

at reno, my copassenger calls me, and points… the man hole covers are made in India20170807_163432
the train goes by the colorado river for 200 miles….

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